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  • Sonam Kapoor


Do you feel a bit out of control and in need of some extra guidance? Does parenting your toddler feel like looking in the mirror? Trying to be patient, when your child reflects your impatience back to you?


👏Parenting- is the only job that has you playing mental tug-of-war in many situations all day.

🤩Once you are a parent - you are faced with happiness, fear, responsibilities, milestones, insecurities, learning, unlearning and much more.

😅PARENTING HAS NO MANUAL. It is only the connection and trust we build with them to form relationships that last forever.

You as a parent are capable, strong and doing your best!

"In all kinds of ways, our children take us into places in our heart we didn't know existed."

🌹ABC'S of parenting.

We read through or hear stuff that can help us in our journey of parenting. Here is a little list of things I would like to share.

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