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Boredom Jar!

Updated: May 17, 2022

Are your kids always bored? Do they find a reason to watch television or play games on iPad? Do kids run around asking what to do since they are BORED?

You sure have tried to do some activities or play with kids. But it also get frustrating to try come up with ideas always, isn't it?


Never be BORED again.


Let's assemble the Bored Jar.

Take a jar and put a bunch of activities in it. Whenever BORED, children need to pick a paper/ice cream stick from the jar, follow instructions and complete the task.

Tasks include some art activity, games, treasure hunt, finding an object or completing chores.

(You can also keep some blank sheets for kids to decide their own activity.)

This can be super simple or a little more involve.


You can fill the jar with all sorts of activities to keep your little humans occupied! Some fun activities- make a treat/ lemonade, video call a friends or go swimming. while some productive ones- 15 jumping jacks, clean your cupboard or wash vegetables.

When children say they are BORED, ask them to pull from the jar!

This surely will work!

I have listed down few activities to save you some time!

  • Dance on your favorite song

  • Sort and keep all red toys

  • Don't let the balloon fall on the ground

  • Balance an object on your head and walk

  • Make an outfit out of newspaper

  • Create a Lego maze

  • Make a book

  • Water the plants

  • Crumple paper to make paper snowballs

  • Dust your bed

  • Make a card for any family member

  • Plant seeds

  • Make a tower with cards

  • Paint a picture

  • Watch a video on helping friends

  • Read a book

  • Cut paper using scissor

  • Build an obstacle course

  • Make lemonade

  • Make paper airplanes

Easy to find activities:

  • Yesterday's newspaper

  • 4 pairs of socks

  • A deck of cards

  • A green vegetable

  • An object beginning with Letter N

  • Two wooden objects

  • 3 Blue toys

  • Picture of a child

  • A yellow fruit

  • 4 different shaped leaves

You will see that children will independently start using the Boredom jar. One of our favorite and easy to customize.

Perfect activity for summer vacations and spring break !

Instead of watching television, our little humans will become imaginative, creative and problem solvers!

I hope you enjoy making your own boredom jars. Do comment and share some activities to add to our list!

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