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  • Sonam Kapoor

Decomposing Numbers!

Updated: May 17, 2022

Are you looking for activities to help your little humans develop an understanding of place value?

But first...

What is decomposing numbers ?

It is breaking numbers into parts.

Children usually work on whole numbers (using objects to make 10). This activity will help them understand that numbers can be broken into parts.

The goal is to understand that:


To introduce this concept to little humans, we begin by using objects (pencils, ice cream sticks, marbles).

For example,

"I have 6 pens, how many more do I need to make 10?"


"6+?=10, what is the missing number?"

It is a tricky concept but there are some fun hands-on activities to make it easy and understandable for kids. Below I share one of the activitives you can try at home.


Make number houses and possible ways to make total of each number as seen in the picture above.

You can stick cellotape on the houses (as shown in the video above) to reuse the sheets. Reinforcing makes these concepts simple to understand.

Ask children to complete the house with correct numbers required to make a whole number.

Children are surely going to enjoy this activity, while working on their NUMBERS!

What do you think? I hope it helps.

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