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Holi with Kids!

Updated: May 17, 2022

Holi is one of the fun festivals celebrated in India. Celebrations of Holi start with a Holika bonfire on the night before, wherein people gather to sing and dance. On the morning of Holi the fun begins, everybody plays with colours and water, sings and dances, gets together and eat delicious food.

Tips to Celebrate Holi with Kids Safely:

1. Tell the story of Holi:

Start the festival by telling your child the story of Holi, its significance and basic facts about Holi. It is important to give children the traditional knowledge of festivals celebrated. This helps them build knowledge and imagination.

2. Cook Authentic Food:

Many of us make specific traditional food for the festival. Try to make authentic food for your children, speak to them about the food and the traditions behind it. Let your child participate and help you with cooking. Get them involved and make memories.

3. Dress in appropriate clothes:

Make sure you cover your child’s skin as much as possible. Try and make children wear full sleeved clothes so that their skin is protected.

4. Oil and Cream:

Apply sunscreen on the exposed body parts like face, neck and palm. Oil your child’s hair to avoid damaging them from colours. Even though the colours are herbal, oil gives that extra protection and makes bathing easy.

5. Eco-friendly Colours:

Though I enjoy the splay of colours, I am always scared of chemicals used in colours. I try to get natural colours from the market. You can make colours at home too. One of the easiest way to make colours is mixing flour with food colour. Just like this there are many options to make colours at home and have a safe Holi.

6. Keep an Eye:

Its always better to stay close to your child. Make sure you or an adult is near your child, especially if they are with friends and a large tub of water! Keep a first aid kit ready in case of injury. They might accidently hurt themselves while playing.

7. Fun Holi Activity:

Its not just about water and colours, below is a Holi themed activity for your little ones. Let's make learning fun.

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