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Travel Toys for Kids

Updated: May 17, 2022

Do you travel with your kids? Travelling with your little one can be intimidating. Doesn’t matter if it’s your first trip or the sixth trip. Close your eyes and think about flying alone, feel the ease. You might need just a check-in bag, or a backpack might do too. Now, think of travelling with your little one. Stroller, toys, diapers, potty seat, etc, flying with a child needs lot of preparation.

After travelling with my daughter for quite some time now, I have made a list of travel toys for kids. These are affordable and easily available on Amazon. The list includes toys for very little ones and for older kids as well.

1. Travel Doodler:

These are rainbow scratch art sheets and doodle-scribble boards. Travel Doodler is great for kids of all ages. Kids play tic-tac-toe, draw, get imaginative and creative. Its a mess-free activity, allowing hours of entertainment during travels.

2. Finger Puppets:

These finger puppets are fun travel toys. Puppet play encourages your child’s imagination and creativity. Children can develop their vocabulary while story-telling and pretend playing with these puppets.

3. Books:

There is a list of books we can choose from to carry for travel. These can include : re-usable books, dot-to-dot books, re-usable water art book and even sticker books. It helps kids develop various skills like cognitive, problem-solving, logical-thinking, numeracy, language development and hand-eye coordination. These books keep kids engaged while travelling.

4. Magnetic Ludo:

Board games like Ludo have been around for several years. It is loved by all ages and helps strengthen relationships, since multiple people can play at the same time. For your child, ludo also helps develop cognitive skills like problem-solving and decision making.

5. Play Dough:

Play dough is an essential resource for hand muscle strengthening. When your children squish, roll, flatten, shape, or cut play dough, they develop and strengthen their hand muscles. It keeps kids occupied for quite some time. Play dough helps children to be creative and imaginative.

6. Interactive Learning System:

Toddlers who cannot get enough of their parents’ laptops or mobile phones, will be excited to have their own system. These toys have a lot of some features to keep kids occupied. The interactive systems help children reinforce concepts such as numbers, letters, and shapes. They play fun music and have graphics to spark creativity and imagination.

Between all the planning and packing, do not forget that you are on a vacation. Kids will have fun no matter what, so should you. You might freak out on little things, but you must relax and go with the flow.

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